host1 server migration *URGENT*

  • Thursday, 26th May, 2011
  • 15:39pm

Dear Client

As you might have noticed already that the performance and uptime of one of your websites on our host1 server has been severely affected due to constant pressure on the server from overloading website especially during peak time. We have identified that the peak time was from 10 am to 2 pm UAE +4 GMT time.

Your affected account: account on host1 server (IP:

The problem: High server load

Cause: Overload during peak time

Explanation: The host1 server is one of our veteran servers, it has been used and occupied since year 2007 and we have assigned new accounts to this server on a very good hardware to accounts ratio. This however has not helped us sorting out the problem. We have had many discussion with our server providers at the data centre and we have come up with a solution to take down this server and migrate all the accounts over to a brand new server.

Solution: New server will setup over the weekend (Thursday 26th May-Ongoing). Al existing accounts will be moved over and verified by our team. Once the migration is completed, we will update the DNS server info for all your domains to point to the new server. The DNS propagation takes upto 48 hours to be completed in some case, however usually its done within a few hours in the good case.

From this point, the new server will be responsible for delivering content and emails over to you. The old server will remain on a stand by mod in case we have missed anything or to reupload some files that have gone missing during the transfer.

How are you affected?

In the best case, you will not notice any difference or disruptions. Our aim is to minimize the downtime and loss of files. We do however confess that some emails (during a small time window and during the DNS propagation period) can go to the old server. However we will do our best to minimize this effect.

Once the new server is stable, you will notice double the performance and absolutely no disruptions due to the server load.

Here are the new server specs that your account will go into:

Intel Xeon 3450 (Quad core) | 4 GB DDR3 RAM | 2x250 GB HDD | CentOS | 100mbps port

We ask you for your patience and understanding during this period. This will solve all the existing problems once and for all.

Please forward any concerns/comments to and we are looking to fulfill all of them.

Thank you for your business with AEserver.

Management (Engage AE LLC)

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