.AE/.Emarat Registrar Name Changes

  • Tuesday, 14th August, 2012
  • 12:00pm

Dubai, 14th August 2012:

Attn: All .ae and .emarat domain name license holders with AEserver/Engage and our resellers, known here are the registrants.

Effective immediately, the Registrar Name of Record for all .AE and IDN .emarat domain names will be changed to “AESERVER” from the former name “ENGAGE”.

This comes into effect due to the transformations and changes that had been taking place in the legal registration of both AEserver FZE and Engage.ae LLC over the past few month.

Our valued customers and domain name registrants are in no way affected by this change and this does not affect any operations or service of your domain names with AEserver and its resellers.

The sole purpose of this notification is to avoid for our customers any confusion in the future as the register name of record in all public WHOIS databases and internal information systems will be visible as AEserver.

The former website of www.Engage.ae will be redirected to www.AEserver.com and the accreditation logos on the official .ae registry, the .ae domain administration (aeDA/TRA of UAE) and other agencies will be changed to the official AEserver logo.

Should you have any further enquires about these changes, kindly open a support ticket and our staff will be more than happy to work with you on an answer.

Thank you for your business with AEserver/Engage over the past years.


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