Improved email deliverability on all servers

  • Saturday, 21st April, 2018
  • 19:11pm

AEserver has spent a great amount of time in listening and studying all our customers' concerns and feedback about the frequent bounced emails, possible IP blacklisting due to abusive customers and other issues related to emails.

It has been identified that the most frequent causes of reduced email deliverability are bounced back emails from well-known entities in the UAE and abroad (Government agencies, banks, big corps), as well as frequent blacklisting due to the server IP being placed on a "grey" or "black" list of spam monitoring houses. The typical cause of such issues is when another client on the same web hosting machine (shared hosting servers only) sends out unsolicited email (aka SPAM) due to deliberate or accidental reasons. While we have a zero tolerance towards spamming clients, they are suspended and blocked out of the system, in such cases the client simply was a victim of the so-called "human factor" when the web developer or the web site in charge has not taken enough care to maintain the website for possible exploits an back doors which served as a portal to massive spam originating from our servers.

In the web hosting industry, this is a very common problem and the solution involves offering clients a 3rd party solution to send out emails via external relayers and avoiding any possible issues on the host server. Such solutions involve monthly fees and also require some technical knowledge to setup and install.

AEserver is pleased to announce that we are now implementing an enterprise email deliverability solution that will eliminate 99.9% of possible spam originating from our servers which means that all your outbound emails will enjoy a guaranteed inbox placement to all the recipients that you send to.

This is achieved by upgrading our email servers and integrating 3rd party outbound MTA solutions. The great news is that this services will be included on ALL our shared web hosting plans (UAE & Offshore) for ZERO cost to our customers.

AEserver strives to offer the best possible hosting experience at the most pocket-friendly prices.

Go ahead, send out your emails confidently and be sure that they will reach the Inbox of your end user.

Should you encounter any issues or have any feedback, please share with us via a support ticket in your client area.


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