.AE Domain Name policy change as of 03/AUG/2008

  • Thursday, 10th July, 2008
  • 00:00am

Dear AESERVER client,

This notice is applicable to AESERVER clients who are holding domain name(s) registration service under .ae (for United Arab Emirates) zone/tld.

As of 03/August/2008, a new government body under the telecom regulatory authority of the UAE named ae domain administration aeDA will commence its operation and take over the control of ALL ae domain names from the current exclusive registry under Etisalat, UAEnic (UAE Network information centre).

Currently all the .ae domain names that you have are under the control of UAEnic.

AESERVER is currently in process for accreditation to become a registrar under the new regime.


1)      All current domain names will remain active with the same settings once transferred to aeDA’s control on 3rd August.

2)      AESERVER will not accept new ae registration orders after 20/July/2008 as to prepare the system for transition and eliminate the hassle of delays with new registrations. These will resume until otherwise stated and once we gain accreditation.

3)      Renewal orders will be accepted as normal.

Should you have any concerns, questions or have a specific request, please do let us know by contacting the .ae domains department at ae@aeserver.com

We value your cooperation with us.

Best Regards,

Munir B – AESERVER Management

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