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Have you ever wanted to catch the dream name for your business or personal use? Well, we have great news for yow!

We are now offering a new service called Domain Backorder.

What is simply means is that we can help you catch your favorite domain name when it expires before anyone else has the chance!

All you need to do is search for a domain name, select it, and place your order. Simple as that!


Do note that you need to have sufficient balance in your account to use the service. You can do that via Add Funds option.

Click on Domain Backorder, which will set the backorder status for the domain name to be REQUESTED.


  • Three (3) days before the drop date of a backordered domain name, the backorder status is set to ACTIVE.
    This will trigger the system to obtain the backorder fees from your account. If you do not have the sufficient balance, a low balance notification email is sent and the backorder status will remain as REQUESTED.

  • Two (2) hours before the domain’s name drop time, the status of the backorder will change from ACTIVE to PROCESSING. Once in processing backorders can’t be deleted.The drop-catch system will then try to obtain the respective domain name.



There are different backorder results:

a) The Backorder Failed

If the system failed to get the domain name, the backorder status will change from PROCESSING to FAILED and the reserved credit will be released.


b) The Backorder was Successful


Single Backorder:

If the system successfully obtained the domain and you were the only one on the system to have backordered the domain name (Single Backorder), then the status will change from PROCESSING to PENDING-PAYMENT and you will receive and invoice, indicating you have obtained the backorder as requested.

Since the backordering is a prepaid system, the invoice will be immediately and automatically paid. The backorder status will be changed from PENDING-PAYMENT to SUCCESSFUL.

The acquired domain name will now be displayed in your account.


 Multiple Backorder:


If a domain backorder was successfully obtained, but two (2) or more accounts placed backorders for the same domain name (multiple backorders) then the domain name will go to a private auction (between the backorder participants) at

Emails are automatically sent to the participants by the auction house Premiumsale and the status of the backorder will change from PROCESSING to AUCTION-PENDING. The losers of the auction at will have the status of their backorders changed from AUCTION-PENDING to AUCTION-LOST.
Any reserved money held for the backorder will be released.

The winning customer of the private auction, once the winning auction bid is paid to will have the status of their backorder changed from AUCTIONPENDING to AUCTION-WON. The winning and paid domain name will show up in the account of the winning bidder.

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