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Get your favorite domain name with us, and later connect it to your Shopify domain. 

Click the link below to buy your domain name from AEserver:

Once that is done, you can either check out our hosting packages from the link below or proceed directly to the images and connect your domain to Shopify.

Change the domain Nameservers to the name servers below:

  Nameserver 1
  Nameserver 2
  Nameserver 3





To connect your domain to Shopify using DNS Management tool, please follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Login to your client area.

2. Go to Domains > My Domains 


3. Select your domain name and click Active


4. Now click on DNS Management and add the records below:

Host Name Record Type Address
@ A (Address)
www CNAME (Alias)

Note that the IP address may change, and you may confirm this on your Shopify account or with Shopify support team.

aeserver shopify

5. Click Save Changes


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