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Great News! 

You can now register the latest domain in the United Arab Emirates - the .abudhabi and ابوظبي. domains

Kindly find the eligibility requirements below :

 ●      A Registered company with Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce or;

 ●      A citizen and/or permanent resident of the UAE with an address in Abu Dhabi or;

 ●      Manufacture or sell a product to residents of Abu Dhabi or;

 ●      Provide a service to entities or individuals residing in Abu Dhabi or;

 ●      Organize or sponsor events in Abu Dhabi or;

 ●      Facilitate activities in Abu Dhabi or;

 ●      Teach or provide training to residents of Abu Dhabi. 

Please confirm that this is understood and you will have to provide which criteria have been met. Our support team will contact you after you have placed the order to confirm this to process your order.

**Note that it will take 2-3 weeks for the domain to be registered. Once that is done, it will be shown as 'active' on your domains list.


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