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At AEserver, all domain names registered are set to automatically renew. In the event that you have disabled this option or we were unable to process the service renewal, your domain name may expire.

You are given 29 days grace period (for .AE and .QA) and 39 days for gTLD (.com, .net, .org, etc) from its expiration date to process the renewal. During this period no additional fees will apply to recover the domain name and you may renew the domain name by paying the invoice on your account (or contacting our support if you don't have an invoice).

In case you're unable to renew the domain during that period, it will then enter the Redemption Period. 

If the domain name is a ccTLD (like .ae, or.qa), the grace period time frame may vary. Some country specific domain extensions don't have redemption period and will automatically be deleted once grace period allotted is over.


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