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AEserver offers Affiliate Membership at our sole discretion and we have the following factors for consideration:

Affiliates must have:

1. Active website.  In order to be considered "Active", your website must searchable on the web, bearing an organic traffic or good reputation in the industry.
2. Aligned content. The website content must be aligned with our marketplace and target customers (i.e., domain, security, hosting, etc.).
3. Domain registration. The website must be directly registered via your own domain name and not via a 3rd-party vendor (i.e., Squarespace or Wordpress).
4. Marketing alignment. Marketing strategy and tactics that are aligned and complementary to AEserver’s marketing efforts (i.e., social media, web content, advertising, email, loyalty programs, etc.)
5. Legal Compliance. Compliance with all UAE laws and all laws relevant to your home country.

For more information: AEserver Affiliate



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