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AEserver follows an easy process and transparent cancellation policy.

Any services such as domain, hosting, SSL certificate, enterprise email subscription can be cancelled at any time by the customer. All cancellation requests should be initiated from your account by logging the request from your client area as illustrated or by opening a ticket to support.




Domain Name Renewals are all processed automatically and done real time. If you wish to cancel the Domain after it has been renewed or newly registered, an applicable processing fee will be applied amounting to 50 AED per domain name and this only applies within 48 hours from the renewal date, applicable to AE & QA domains only.

Should you request for the deletion/cancellation of the domain after 48 hours from its renewal date, no further refund will be issued to you.

All other TLD's (.com, .net, .me and others) will not have the same option of getting a refund once the domain has been renewed or registered.


For Hosting Subscriptions with automatic payment, a cancellation must be received at least 3 business days before the due date otherwise the payment will be automatically charged to the credit card on file 1 day before the due date.

For Microsoft Subscriptions, all will be renewed automatically until a cancellation request has been received. For both annual and monthly subscription, you'll need to cancel atleast 7 days before the end of the billing cycle to avoid automatic renewal. When the cancellation is late, you are obliged to pay for another period.

For Google Subscriptions, all will be renewed automatically until a cancellation request has been received. “Billing Cycle” begins on the 1st day of each month GST and ends on the last day of that month. For both annual and monthly subscription, you'll need to cancel atleast 7 days before the end of the billing cycle to avoid automatic renewal. When the cancellation is late, you are obliged to pay for another period.

When received the cancellation request, the customer will receive an email confirming the cancellation or will see a cancellation receipt in the client area. If there's no cancellation receipt in the client area, the cancellation needs to be requested again.

Cancellation of the Service within 30 Day Money Back Guarantees (MBG) Period:

⦁ A client may cancel his/her account anytime, but a refund can be only obtained in the first 30 days of the service subscription. Our Money Back guarantee is included in all shared web hosting plans and does not apply to services such as Domain Registration, Domain Renewal, Domain Transfer, Dedicated IP, Dedicated SSL Certificate, Reseller Programs, Dedicated Servers, VPS/Cloud servers, Licenses (e.g. Google Workspace, O365, Cpanel, Plesk, Spam Experts, Codeguard etc) and Add ons (Managed Support, AMC etc), Managed WordPress and Web Design services or on Renewal of any Hosting Products.

⦁ Due to payment charges, transactions fees or bank transfer fees - All refunds are processed as credit and added to your AEserver balance regardless of your mode of payment. You can use the same funds for your future orders or renewals. Your credit balance has no expiration date and can't be converted to cash.

⦁ Our MBG does not apply If you have availed free account migration within the first 30days of signup with any of the hosting product/services then the 30 day money back due to resources spent on account migration.

⦁ Accounts that have been cancelled/terminated due to Terms of Service violations are not eligible for a refund. Service credits have no cash value.

Cancellation of the service after the 30 Day money back guarantees Period:

⦁ Any Services will continue to renew until it is been requested for cancellation. If you do not wish to renew your services you must cancel it from your account. You have the option to select immediate cancellation or at the end of the billing cycle. The unused portion of any advance payment will not be refunded.

⦁ Cancellation of service renewals for on-going website promotion, website hosting or domain registration services must be made at least 5 business days prior to the end of the current service period.

⦁ All websites with addon domains, subdomains as well as email accounts (if any) that are hosted in your cPanel account will be terminated along with the main service. Make sure you back up the necessary data before proceeding with the cancellation. We would like to avoid any unwanted interruptions of the services you might be currently using.

Activation of a cancelled Account:
If you logged a cancellation request and have a change of heart, we will process the reactivation free of cost. All the other overdue invoices for it will need to be paid to make it current before the cancellation is lifted.

Late Cancellation

Your renewal is processed automatically (unless you disabled the auto renew) 1 day before your due date to ensure no downtime on your website and email. Should you log a cancellation of the domain or service once the auto payment has been processed - we reserve the right to charge for a late cancellation fee amounting to 100AED if you decide to completely delete the domain or terminate the service.

Restoration of a Terminated Account:
If your account has been terminated as requested or due to nonpayment – we reserve the right to charge for a Restore Fee if you wish to reactivate it. The availability of the data will be determined by our Tech team and to restore it, we will charge a standard rate of 250$.

Activation of a cancelled account due to payment dispute:
AEserver reserves the complete right to cancel your account in case of any payment disputes/chargebacks. Such cancelled accounts will only be reactivated the disputes have been satisfactorily resolved and you will be charged an administrative fee of $100 as a result of your dispute or charge-back request. In the event that a cheque payment has been arranged and resulted to failed clearing, we have all the right to impose a bounce cheque fee amounting to 1000 AED per cheque. 

In case you have made any overpayments to your account by choice or otherwise they shall be added as service credits to your billing account and can be used for future renewals or new service registrations. These are not subject to refunds.

Price Adjustments:
To remain competitive, we occasionally make changes to our plans and pricing. To have your plan updated to current offerings please contact our billing team via ticket and we'll be happy to make those adjustments.

If there is an issue with your account or support, we'd be happy to resolve any questions or concerns you may have. Please feel free to submit a support ticket with your issue from your client area or by sending an email to

We are always sad to see our client leave as we always strive to provide the best service possible. In the event that you're open to staying and continue to be in our esteemed list of clients feel free to mail our Management Team at to discuss on any issues. Our clients are our top priority and we will make sure you get the best with our team – AEserver.

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