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.AE and the .emarat (IDN) domain names can be transferred / pushed from one registrar to another with ease.

AEserver offers free .ae domain name transfers from other accredited .ae registrars.

Below is a detailed and simple procedure on how to transfer your domain name to AEserver

Step 1. You will need your domain password (EPP code/auth info) - this can be obtained quickly on - the code will be sent to the registered email.

Step 2. Once you have domain password, place your domain transfer order on our website at the following link:

Step 3. Once you place the order with the correct EPP code, we will initiate the transfer and it takes exactly 48 hours for your domain name to become visible in your AEserver client area

Step 4. The transfer will cost you the same as the renewal of the domain and we add another year of renwal to your domain (Note: The existing renewal date/registration period gets carried over, i.e it stays the same)


Step 5. You do not need to inform your your previous registrar that you have transfered away,  as old registrar has no control over your domain anymore.


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