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How to Set Up a Redirect via cPanel: 

1. Log into cPanel.

2. Under Domains, click the Redirects icon.

3. From the Type drop-down menu, select which type of redirect is to be used.

  • Permanent 301 is a redirect that will update the visitor's bookmarks and direct search engines to the new site.

  • Temporary 302 is a redirect that will redirect the visitor or search engine but will not update the bookmark, and search engines will continue to index to the original page.


4. From the "http://(www.)" drop-down menu, choose the domain name you would like to redirect.In the "redirects to" field, enter the full URL of the page to which you will be redirecting.

  • If you would like to redirect a single page or directory, you can use the adjacent text field to enter the name of the folder or file.


5. Note: You must enter the protocol (e.g. http://https:// or ftp://) as well in order for the domain URL to be accepted.

6. Select one of the following www redirection options to dictate whether or not the domain will be redirecting:

  • Only redirect with www. only redirects visitors that type www. as part of the URL
  • Redirect with or without www. redirects all visitors regardless of if they use www. or not
  • Do Not Redirect www. will not redirect visitors that use www. as part of the URL

7. Clicking the Wild Card Redirect option allows users to set up a redirect to the same file on a new destination.Click Add to create the redirect as specified.Click Add to create the redirect as specified

  • With Wild Card Redirect, will redirect to
  • Without Wild Card Redirect, will redirect to

8. Click Add to create the redirect as specified

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