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All AEserver email accounts can be accessed with a number of email clients, including Outlook, iPhone, Thunderbird, and many more.  Sometimes when you check your email or are first setting it up, you may receive an error message.  While error messages are different in each email client, below are some of the more common errors.

  • Incorrect Password.  This is the most common error message.  When you set up your email client, make sure that you are using the password for that email account, and not the password for the cPanel.  While the passwords can be the same, usually when the email account was setup a different password was used.  If you are not sure what the password is, you can change the password in your cPanel in the Email Accounts section.
    • Note: Do not enter the wrong password for more than 5 times, otherwise you risk your IP address getting blocked in our server's firewall and you will need to contact us to whitelist your IP address or restart your internet router to get a new IP from the ISP.
  • Unsecure Connection (or SSL Error).  All hosting accounts include a shared SSL certificate.  You can use the SSL certificate when checking mail, however you will need to use the "secure" mail server instead of  If you have the client set as SSL but are not using the secure server, it can cause a Unsecure Connection error.
  • Invalid Username.  When setting up your email in a client, make sure that the username you are using is your full email address, and not your cPanel username.  The client may ask for the email address and a username, but you will need to put the full email address in both fields. This means that you must enter the full email including the @ sign.

 If you are getting an error message and are still having issues connecting, please contact our tech support and we will be happy to assist you further.

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