WHD.Global 2014 - Meet AEserver's CEO - Germany

  • 1st April 2014
WHD.Global 2014 - is one of the largest web hosting fairs in the world that will take place from 1st-3rd April in Europa Park, Rust, Germany.Our CEO will be there meeting different companies and providers to gather info on new technology and procure new technology for our customers.If you would like to offer your product or simply meet with us, ...
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Cheap UAE Dubai Based Web Hosting Servers

  • 3rd March 2014
AEserver is proud to announce today that it managed to procure brand new servers hosted at a UAE data center in order to use them for shared hosting for all our customers.We have brand new plans that are more than 75% cheaper than the previous UAE based hosting plans that we offered.UAE based hosting is ideal for you if you are looking for superb ...
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Middle East DNS Forum in Dubai - Our CEO speaks!

  • 2nd February 2014
Our CEO - Munir Badr will be speaking at the first ever Middle East DNS Forum in Dubai that is hosted by the ICANN and the TRA of UAE.

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Visit AEserver at GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK 20-24 Oct 2013

  • 20th October 2013
AEserver will be present along side with the Telecoms Regulatory Authority (TRA) at the annual GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK 20 - 24 October 2013.AEserver will show case its brand new mobile application for iOS/Android/Windows that will allow the users to book .ae domain names from the mobile devlce/tablet in less than 30 seconds.AEserver is located ...
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