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Want to transfer a domain to a different user in AEserver? Please check out the guidelines below. There are two different ways to do that:

Option 1: No Documents Required 

- You can get the EPP code of the domain and visit the link below to start the transfer:

**The cost for this will be the same as the renewal charges of the domain. The domain will also get renewed for another year, free of cost.

To get the EPP code, please visit the link below:

Option 2: Documents Required

1. Completely filled out form (Domain Transfer Declaration.pdf)

2. Confirmation of the request for Transfer from both the Registrant contact and the proposed Registrant (other account holder must open a ticket mentioning that he is expecting a domain transfer)

Once you have the above, please go ahead and open a Ticket and submit the documents there.

**Kindly note that this process takes around 24-48 hours to be processed.


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