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To recover a domain that belongs to you, but is registered under a different name and email address, please follow the guidelines below.

The easiest way to change domain ownership is to contact the current owner of the domain and ask him/her to update the details.

If you are unable to do so, please submit the following documents to us:


  • A letter stating the circumstances, and any other proof showing that you are the owner of the domain. The letter must be on the company letterhead, stamped and signed by the authorized manager.

  • Trade License Copy of the company

  • Valid ID from the signatory, same name on the trade license copy


As changing such information is crucial to the ownership of the domain and service, we employ security procedures when requests are not coming from the registered email addresses. We will also contact the current account holder to verify your claim.

**Kindly note that such processes take up to 48-72 hours.


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