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Are you tired of receivng tons of spam emails that are affecting your day to day activities?

AEserver offers the perfect solution via the cPanel's Spam Filters. Please follow the steps below on how to get started.


1. Login to your cPanel (Client Area > Services> My Services > Active > Login to cPanel)

2. Go to Spam Filters

AEserver Spam Assassin

3. Enable the "Process New Emails and Mark them as Spam". You will get a message stating Apache SpamAssassin has been enabled. This ensures that spam emails you get now will be sent to the Spam / Junk folder based on the Spam Threshold Score.

AEserver Spam Assassin

You can increase / decrease the score by clicking on the 'Spam Threshold Score' under the

"Process New Emails and Mark them as Spam"

  • (1) Aggressive, Many False Positives
  • (4) Recommended for Well-Tested Servers
  • (5) Default [Current Plan]
  • (8) Recommended for Internet Service Providers
  • (10) Passive, Only Very Obvious Spam

You can also use the Spam-Filters to automatically delete spams emails that fall under a specific threshold number (1-10).

The option "Automatically Delete New Spam (Auto-Delete)" has to be enabled.

Once that is done, click on Configure Atuo-Delete Settings. Here you can assign a Spam Threshold Score.

AEserver Spam Assassin

**The lower the score, the more strict is the filtering and vice-versa. By default, the score is set to a neutral 5. You can click on Spam Threshold Score and check the options. Apart from these, you can also set your own custom number ranging from 1 (agressive) to 10 (passive).

You can also Blacklist and Whitelist domains that send you email. To do that, scroll down to Show Additional Configurations under "Additional Configurations (For Advanced Users)"

1. Click Add A new item

2. Enter the domain you want to Whitelist / Blacklist

AEserver Spam Assassin

3. Click Update

4. To remove, just click the cross (X) button.


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