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Here's how you can use Horde as your mail client


Allows access to your Inbox, Filters, New Message and the Advanced Search tool.

 Gear Cog - Preferences

Quick access to your Preferences and additional Help on using Horde.


Ends your Horde session, completely logging you out of webmail.

 New Message

Compose new messages.


A convenient way to search all of your messages. The downward facing arrow allows you to define which parts of the email to search, including an advanced search.

 Filter Messages

Granular filters based on many variables.

 Message Managment

Choose what to do with a message (e.g. Delete, Blacklist, Redirect, ect.) and if to Show/Hide deleted messages.

 Select All

Click to select all of the messages in your inbox, please be aware that this will select all of your emails.

 From, Subject, Date and Size

Clicking these title will sort from Ascending to Descending and vice-versa.

 IMAP Folders

These are the other IMAP folders currently used on your account. These folders are accessible in Horde as well as any other email client using IMAP, e.g., Outlook, Thunderbird, mobile devices, ect.

Using Horde

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